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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Blogging tips for beginners all common mistakes avoid

 All the bloggers do not have much information in the beginning, so they keep making some mistakes, but after today you will not make any mistake, today we will give you Blogging tips for beginners all common mistakes.

Today if you read this article carefully then your blogging career will be successful. You will not have to ask anyone again and again. Today, I will try my best to explain everything to you in easy language.

Even in popular blogs, you will not get the AC information that you are getting in this small blog of ours, you can learn a lot through this blog for this.

Popular Blogging tips for beginners all common mistakes avoid

Friends, as soon as these mistakes are detected, you have to improve everyone one by one, no matter how long it takes you, you have to make your blog good and for a long time you have to run your blog. beginners and read blogs continue.

5 Popular Blogging tips for beginners

1. The first mistake of a new blogger is commen, I also did it and I am sure you too must have done copying of data, we never have to copy the data of any site. Neither we have to copy the content of any site nor do we have to use the image of any site. If you are copying the image of a site, then give it a tag of copyright, in the text below the image, give the name and link of that site, you will not get the copyright claim.


You can take the idea from any site but you do not copy and paste the data from that site, your site will never rank it, no matter how much you want to do seo, as much as you want to make backlink, your site will never rank if you Copying content from any site and putting it on your site.

Stop this work today and write your own good article in your own words, if it is not written to you, you can write it to someone.

If you are finding a content writer or you are a content writer then you can register yourself by visiting our service page, we will give you both facilities. Read blogs continue.

2 The second mistake not every blogger makes, but many bloggers do it, they do not explain the matter well. Just wrote a two line and they were done. Friend, if you are writing something in your blog, then write it so that if someone comes to read it, then he will get a squeeze of one thing at a time. It should not be that your blog has been closed, it did not get anything special and left it behind and killed it and it was installed.

Friend, if the user comes and he does not get complete information, then he will leave your site soon, which will make a difference in the ranking of your site, and if the user leaves your site quickly then the search engine feels that there is nothing on this site It has to be brought down and if users are spending more time on some other site then it will overtake your site.

So try to explain well what you write, with an example, no matter how low your site is, you have to write one thing on your site related to that topic. Read blogs continue.

The third mistake is that some bloggers do nothing and they do not update their blog well, now by good update I mean they make a blog but are not putting articles on it every day. For a few days, you can add articles every day and after a few days, we are spending a week. They do not have any idea on which article to write.

If you want your blog or site to rank quickly, then you should write an article on your site every day or every two days. If you are not getting any idea, then according to your below, you keep reading other blogs and tell what kind of keywords you encounter while reading the article and you can also write a good article.

For Keyword idea, you can join our telegram group, facebook page and facebook group, we keep sharing those good keywords idea many times. Read blogs continue.

4 I made this mistake initially, but you are not doing too much AIDS, I used to add lots of AIDS in my blog. I found out that the visitor or the user had a lot of difficulty in reading it when I was reading someone's blog and there were many science shows happening in front of me, I was getting upset due to those AIDS while reading. Also felt that my users would be worried on my blog, then I removed the unnecessary AIDS from my blog.

When we think that we are earning a lot, then we are losing a lot, 50 percent of the visitors get upset with the useless advertisement and leave our site, we should take care to spread our knowledge more than rupees, which if the visitor is happy then He came again and our site ranking increased a bit more.

So you also should not put more AIDS on your site, you should install AIDS, but do not stop the site with AIDS like Popads Read blogs continue.

5 I have told you this thing in an article earlier, but if some people do not know, then I will tell you again. Whenever we write an article, we have to put 1 or 2 images in it so that the article looks a bit better to see the visitor.

If you are writing an article in which some steps have to be shown, then you should add screen shortcode of each step to it so that the user can understand it better. If screen short add is not possible, then you have to explain each line in full detail. Which he can understand what you want to tell him.

Friend, it was some mistakes that beginners make, we have given you 5 popular blogging tips for beginners all common mistakes to avoid and make your blogging career successful.

Friends, if you have any other question, you can comment on us, we will surely answer it and if you want some help from us, you can ask for help on our Facebook page. The rest, if you have got anything to learn from this article, then you must share it on whatever social platform you use and you can connect with us on all social media to stay with us, like us and follow us By doing

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