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Monday, December 23, 2019

10 most important blogging tips for beginners

10 Most important ways to improve your blog:

As you all know that blogging is easy but getting your blog trending on Google is very difficult. Many people start blogging with the hope that they will earn a lot of money, but to earn money on blogging it is also mandatory for you guys to bring the blog to Google SEO. So today we will discuss about how to bring your blog to Google trending Section or in search engine optimization.

 Today I will tell you 10 such tips by which you can get your blog to rank well on Google. And you should be also know what things to keep in mind in blogging.

Though it is easy to write a blog but some new bloggers initially make many mistakes which have a bad effect on their blog. So I will request you all to read the mistakes made by a big blogger and rectify those mistakes in your blog. Before blogging, you have to take care of many things, which I will go through in detail below.

Some most important topics to improve your blog:

 1. Do Blogging with passion and patience:

  Passion and patience are very important for blogging. Because if blogging is your passion then only you can be successful in it. And if you can be patience then you can get more success.

 For blogging you should choose such topics about which you are very knowledgeable and you have no hesitation in writing about it and you can explain everything well and completely. It is also very important to have patience in blogging. Many new bloggers understand that their income will start after writing 5-10 blogs, but this is not the case at all. You need to have patience and you have to make a strategy with patience. If you are just starting blogging for money then you are on the wrong path.

2. Create blogging strategy:

For blogging you have to create a strategy. For that you have to decide when and how to write a blog. And how many blogs you can write in how much time. For that you have to take special care of timing. For blogging you have to keep a straight mind and give it a direction. You have to be fully dedicated to blogging.

3. Via Social media:

 Nowadays, social media is a platform where any thing or any of your posts can reach many people easily. Long ago, when there was no social media, people considered search engines as the only source. But this is not the case nowadays, most bloggers gain their traffic from social media.
 This is a very good source. If you want to expand a blog on the basis of search engine optimization, then you forget that your blog will develop further. So create marketing strategy on social media as much as you can.

4. Making a community for your blog:

 The most important thing is that you have to give your blog such a form that if any visitors come to your blog, then it will be liked. And he should feel like a community and become a part of that community as soon as possible. The most important and important thing is how you display your blog.

5. Make a relation with other bloggers:

Interact with the blogger of the topic on which you create a blog and know about many things from them. They will tell you about many things that are very important for a blog, you can put any thing in their social media account or comment under their post and share your problem.

6. Make a beautiful content:

 The most important thing for blogging is also how your blog looks. Is the user able to read that blog? If your blog visitors do not like it, they will never visit your website here again. Because if you don't give them a good environment, then they will concentrate on another blog.

7. Do not copy any other blogger`s blog post:

 Always remember to never copy paste someone's blog post because someone's written blog or content is their own idea. If you know about anything, then you do not even need to commit. Because you will be able to write that post very well. But if you copy them, then you will first ban the search engines. So never copy paste.

8. Ask your readers that what they want:

The best way to write any post is to ask users about their topic and write a post about it. This is the best way and therefore you will not have much problem in writing the post. Because if you can write what the user wants, then your post will be more popular. This is a very good scheme, you must adopt it. It is very good to write a post on user`s demand, because in this you get an idea of ​​what to post.

9. Use SEO friendly theme for you blog:

       If you create a blog, then the most important thing for it is its theme. You can customize the theme of your blog and make it as simple and beautiful as possible. This will make your users or readers feel more comfortable. 
       It is very important for a blog to see how different it looks from another blog. And I think you should always use the premium theme, because you get many features and gadgets in it. You can also take a nice and beautiful theme that is available for less money. Not making the premium theme more expensive, But it is up to you how to do its customization.

10. Work on title and description

 The title and description of your blog are very important. If your title is not good and your description is not too special, then search engine optimization will not show your post much. The title and description of your post can make your post reach more people. Very few people know this which is a new blogger. As with all things, we have to keep the post and description in mind as well. Heading and subheading also have a separate dominance in the post.

 The above 10 topics that I have mentioned are very important for a blog, there are many more topics that you have to take care of closely. But before that, if you take care of these things, then you will get success in less time.

I hope you liked my post and you have got information about many things, if you like this post, then do share it with your friends and yes do not forget to subscribe to this blog. Keep in touch for getting such information ahead

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