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Thursday, December 26, 2019

How to add another Author in blogger

Nowadays we are busy in many works and we have no much time to manage our blogs. We need another author to manage our blog, which saves our time and our blog keeps running smoothly as well. Adding another author is a great source in a blog. This will save your time as well as your blog will always be active. You will be tension free. Therefore, the same advice is always given that the another author must always add to his blog.

Full process of adding another author in blogger:

Step 1:

 First login to your blogger account. Then go to your blog title to which you want to add your another author. Then according to the picture below, you have to select "Settings" from the various options, which is just below the "Theme" option.

Step 2:

 After clicking on the setting, you will see several choices below it, out of which the first one which is "Basic" will have to be selected. According to the picture below:

Step 3:

After going to Basic, you will see options at the bottom of the page by scroll down which is permissions, in it you will see the option of "+ add author". You have to click on it as per the picture given below.

Step 4:

After clicking + add author, a blank box will open in front of you. In it, you put your email ID or whatever your friend or family member or whatever else is in the box. For more information, see the picture below:

Step 5:

After entering the email ID you have to click on the invite authors, which is shown in the image below.

 You have now invited another author. After this another author will accept your invite and join the blog as the new author.

I hope you enjoy the post I wrote. If you want more information about blogging or if you are having problems with something, then please tell me in the comment box or contact me. I will tell you the solution to that problem as soon as possible. Thank you

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