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Monday, December 16, 2019

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks - You wish you knew Earlier!

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks:

         If you have been using Windows 10 for some time, then you already know that Microsoft has included many new features in it. You will be familiar with other major changes like new Start Menu, Cortana (Vice Assistant), Edge Browser (instead of Internet Explorer).

However, here are some new features that most people are not talking about, but they are equally important. While this is not a secret, they do not appear, and you may have never seen them.
These are some of my favorite but less well-known features of Windows 10, which you should know for a better overall experience of Windows 10.
Here is a list of the seven most useful, productive, hidden but useful features.

Background App Manager:-

By default, all apps in Windows 10 run in the background. But you can control which apps should run in the background.

To see which apps are running in the background, go to Settings> Privacy> Background apps. Here you can change (On / Off) settings for each app.

Analyze Disk Space:-

If you want to know which apps or files are taking the most space in a partition of a hard disk, in Windows 10 you can see it without any software.
Now, Microsoft has built its own storage analyzer. Go to Start Menu -> Settings -> Storage section. From here, select the drive to analyze. Soon, there will be a list of file types in front of you, in which the contents are being taken depending on the category.

However, this tool is not as powerful as the previous posts had given information about some "Great Free Tools for Analyzing Disk Space". But it is quite easy and sufficient for a common user.

Print to PDF:

Windows has added the ability to create PDFs from many types of files. Now you do not need to download any third party software to create a PDF from a file.
By the way, the print function is enabled by default. If it is not enabled, go to Control Panel> Programs and Features, and enable Microsoft Print to PDF.

To make a document file a PDF, give a print command and select Microsoft Print to PDF Printer.

Change The Location Of Apps, Documents, Music And Videos:

By default, all programs in Windows are installed in the C drive, along with documents, music and videos are also in the C drive. But if Windows gets corrupted and has to be formatted, then all the data on the C drive will be destroyed. That is why some users like this data on other drives. If you are among them, Microsoft has made it easy to change the drive for all of them.

For this, just go to Settings -> System -> Storage, and select Drive for Apps, Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

Offline Maps:

Within the application settings, there is an option to download the map for offline use. This is a very useful feature, when you are going to some unknown place and there is no internet access. If you download the map before going to such a place, it will be very easy for you. You can easily download the map in Windows 10.

To Download Offline Maps in Windows 10 -

Go to Setting -> System -> Offline map.

Click on the + Download maps button.

Now select the state and download its map.

Smart Way To Take Screenshots In Windows 10:

Taking a screenshot can be very useful, and in Windows 10, you can take a screenshot smartly.

i) Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots:

This is a built-in tool in Windows 10 to take screenshots. By far the easiest way to take screenshots in Windows 10 is to use the Snipping Tool.

Type Snipping in the Start menu to open the Snipping Tool and you will see the Snipping Tool. Or go to Start -> All Apps -> Windows Accessories -> Snipping Tool.

Capture a Snip / Screenshot:
Click on the New button in the Snipping Tool or press Ctrl + PrtScn keys.

Now select the area for which the screenshot is to be taken.

Save it
Snipping Tool Timer–
You can also take screenshots with a delay of 1 to 5 seconds in Snipping Tool. For this, click on the Delay button and select 1 to 5 seconds.

ii) Improved Print Screen:

In Windows, you are well acquainted with the Print Screen. But in Windows 10, its capacity has been increased further.

If there are many windows open on the screen and all you have to do is take a screenshot of the top window, then press Alt + PrtScn. This will only take a screenshot of the top window and not the entire desktop.

If you want to take many screenshots, it is better to save the screenshot one by one, save the screenshot directly in the folder. When you press Windows Key + PrtScn in Windows 10, the screenshot is saved directly in the screenshots folder of Picture Library. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Quick Navigation Between Apps Using Alphabet Screen:

This is actually a very handy feature. Suppose your PC has many programs and apps installed and your Start Menu is filled with it. At such times it will take a lot of time to find an app in the Start menu. To help the user, Microsoft has provided a secret alphabet screen in the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Open the Start Menu and open the Apps screen.

Now clicking on any alphabet, you will see a list of the headers of the apps.

Clicking on a letter will show all apps that start with this letter.

Going forward, we can only hope that Windows 10 will get more total features and make the user experience even better.

Thanks For reading this post..

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