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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

How to delete Highlights in Instagram Archive

Delete Photos & videos From Instagram Archive:

As you all know, Instagram has added a new feature to its software, which was earlier in WhatsApp. But now it has also come on Instagram and Facebook. After the Takeover of Instagram and WhatsApp by the Facebook owner, all the features that come on Facebook are now added to WhatsApp and Instagram. So let's talk today how to remove Instagram status or highlights from Instagram archive.

So first we will open Instagram and go to our profile. After going into the profile, we see that the highlights icon remains below our bio. Next to that icon we will also see three or four blank icons that we have to delete. Or some pictures or our videos are in our Instagram archive which we do not see, but they are always saved in Instagram. And we don't delete them, that's why they stay there. So today I will tell you how to delete those pictures or videos.


First of all we will go to "New" after opening Instagram and after clicking there we will be able to see that there are some pictures of us which we had deleted before but still the show is happening there. Because these are in the folder of the archive which we do not see, but the pictures & videos has always in store.


Furthering our step, Now we have a 3 line icon on the right side up corner of the Instagram profile. By clicking on it, we will see 7 options. Now in these options we will see the option of "Archive" at the top, then we have to click on it.


Now a story archive or post archive will appear next to the left arrow or back option. Now of these two options, you have to select the one from which you want to remove your photos or videos. Because not only in the story but even after deleting what we post, our photos remain in the folder of the Instagram archive.


After choosing a story or post archive, we will be able to see our pictures which we had deleted earlier but are still there. Now we have to select the photos which we want to delete. And you can delete one by one only. For that, by clicking on the photo you want to delete, you will delete the photo through the delete option by going to the 3 dot option. Now that photo or video will not be in your archive folder and you will never see it.

 It was very easy but many people do not know this and they are always stuck in this problem. I hope you have received the success from my given information. I will keep posting like this even further. So subscribe to my website so that you can know the upcoming posts through notifications. 

Thank you And if you have any doubt in this, then you can write in the comment box below. 

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