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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

How to add a blog description easily in blogger

Simple way to add a description in blogger:

Hello friends

                As you know it is very easy to put blog description on blogger. But some new bloggers remain confused about whether or not to give blog description. And if it should be given, then how much longer. By the way, giving the description is mandatory for every blog. Because it tells your blog what your blog is about. And users will be able to read the posts written in your blog. So let's get information about how to add description to Blogger.

Step 1:

 First of all, open your Blogger account and login to it. Then you choose one of your blogs in which you want to add description. After that click on the option that will be the option of ''setting'' under the ''theme'' option.

Step 2:

 After clicking on setting, you will see 7 options inside the setting. Click on the first option among them will be ''Basic''.

Step 3:

After clicking Basic, you will see the option of ''Description'' under ''Title'' option. And click on the option to ''Edit'' in front of the description.

Step 4:

 Now after clicking on edit, you write a nice description of it and click on "save changes" and proceed.

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